It is a cool, crisp morning.  The kids are all still tucked in bed dozing away, and the house is silent.  I savor moments like this when no one is stirring because I can meet with the God of the universe.  It may seem that when I close the door to my bedroom and cue up the worship music that life comes to a halt, but actually it’s time to pick up the sword and go to war for our nation, for our people, for our churches, for our world at large.  Prayer has been reduced to a list to many, but it is absolutely the opposite.  It is a time to touch Heaven and change Earth.  Prayer has become an addiction for me because as we engage with Him to impact the world, He changes and blesses us in the process.  Though I am praying for others, many times I emerge from the battle refreshed with a greater sense of personal peace, joy, and purpose.  

I didn’t always love my prayer time.  In fact, many years it was a drudgery, a chore that I needed to check off of my list to feel like a good Christian.  But now I have learned to sit with Him and allow His whispers to my heart to direct this time.  Maybe I will feel led to minister to a foreign country in prayer, or maybe I will have a burden for a neighbor.  Either way, I love knowing that God and I are working together to effect change.  One of the highest callings that we will ever receive is to partner with Him for His purposes.  The most mundane moments  can take on eternal significance when we plug into His Presence.  With that in mind, here are some tips that I follow in my prayer time.  

1.). Start with a worship song—Whatever tune seems to resonate with my heart, I Youtube it and worship.  

2.). Embrace flexibility—Some days I work my way through my list, and other days I feel to spend extra time worshipping or concentrating on one person in prayer. 

3.)  Journal— I love journaling!  I usually spend a few moments writing out requests that I need to process on paper.  It’s therapeutic!  Then I  type  testimonies or things that I feel that He is whispering to my heart.  Those entries encourage me when the prayer time feels dry.  (I still have those!). My journal is on my computer because I type much faster and neater than I write.  🙂

4.). Reminders—I continually remind myself that this is one of the most productive times in my day.  Prayer literally changes the world.  It helps me to picture God sitting on His Throne; that image keeps me focused and in awe of the One with Whom I am speaking.

5.). Distractions—Have a sheet of paper handy to make a list of what comes to mind while you are praying.  A million thoughts will assault your mind—lists, schedules, reminders.  Jot them down and reengage. 

6.). Remember—Matthew 6:6 notes that God sees those times that we carve out for prayer.  We are noticed by the One Who matters most, and no moment spent with and for Him is ever wasted.