It’s not supposed to be this way . .

I have been reading Lysa Turkeurst’s book It’s Not Supposed to be this Way lately, and one theme that keeps rising to the surface is that there is a huge difference between our definition of good and God’s.  We think life is good when it is easy, when our jeans slide on with no effort and our hair isn’t nappy.  When the kids appreciate our labor and the house is immaculate.  When our body feels good, and our mind is at peace.  But what about when our muffin top is flopping over the waist band, our kids are insensitive, our house looks like it’s been robbed, our body aches, and our mind is anything but peaceful?  John 16:33 says in this world you will have trouble, so drama is a given.  But it is possible to be still and know that He is God even when life is hurling curve balls at us left and right.  How do you see the goodness in the mayhem?  You count your blessings.  It isn’t always easy because our flesh wants to indulge in a pity party, but the good always outweighs the bad if we take the time to notice.  As we choose to thank God for what He has given us, we draw closer to Him in the process (Psalm 100:4-5).  There is much that I don’t understand about eternity, but I know that this life is a proving ground for what awaits on the other side.  God is more interested in our perfection than our comfort because there is work to do on this side of the veil and ever after, and a stout heart is required for both.  So we trust that God’s good is best even when it doesn’t feel that way.  We choose joy which is a fruit of the Holy Spirit, not a response to life.