Greatness.  It’s what we long for.  As children, we often spout dreams of being an astronaut or a superhero.  We want to be great, but we don’t know what that looks like yet.  If we’re honest, we still don’t understand true greatness.  We think that it is achieved by titles, degrees, loaded bank accounts, or a million likes on social media.  But Jesus said that if you want to be great in God’s Kingdom, learn to be a servant of all (Matthew 20:26).  Wait, I thought we were supposed to be doing great things for God!  How can I do great things if I’m busy cleaning the church instead of leading it?  If God has called you to the spotlight, then go for it; otherwise, remember this:  changing the world doesn’t require a giant stage; it  requires a surrendered heart that hears God’s assignment for the day and ministers to one individual at a time.  That’s what Jesus did.  We don’t read of Him darting from one speaking engagement to the next; in fact, at times, we see Him skirting the crowd to find the one or avoiding the multitudes altogether to rest and renew in His Father’s Presence.  Honestly, I have tried to be great, and success hasn’t fallen in my lap as I had hoped.  I have learned that I may not earn a notable name, and I may not reach the top of the ladder of success, but I can determine to be a great wife, a great Mom, a great friend, a great neighbor.  In the end, I live to make His Name great, and if I have done that faithfully, then I can trust Him with the results.